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Handmade Soaps
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Casie Hall
Carrollton, GA
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About Us
My name is Casie and by the Grace of God I have found a passion for Soap Making and other bath & body products. I recently become a stay at home momma after working 9 years in the insurance world. I love that my little girls help me in every way with my products. They pick colors, scents for my soaps and they inspire me. I love that they get to help me and enjoy the creative outlet as much as I. I try to have a product for eveyone, with only plant based products to soaps that have hand renderd beef Tallow by my own hands. I thank you for your support.

Return Policy
All sales sold as is.

Shipping Information
If you pay for shipping and there is a difference in the price I will refund you the difference.

Custom Order Policy
Cold Process Soaps take 4 - 6 weeks to cure if you want a custom order I will need to know at least 8 weeks in advance. Please contact me.

Wholesale Information
If you are intrested in a wholesale account please contact me so I can do the math that will help us both get a good deal.

Fundraising Opportunities
Please email me

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