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Corynda Clark-Albano
Rochester, NY
Aromatherapy Shower Bombs/Steamers

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$6.00 for (1) Glass Decanter
$7.75 for (1) Lavender
$7.75 for (1) Lemon & Peppermint
$7.75 for (1) Lemongrass & Teatree
$7.75 for (1) Nasal Blast
$7.75 for (1) Orange Spice
$7.75 for (1) Rosemary & Basil
Qty Available: 300
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Refresh with invigorating scents that wake you up. Simply place one to two of these shower bombs on the floor of your shower away from direct spray but where water and steam can reach it and enjoy the the enveloping scent to help make your day great. Made with vibrant-smelling essential oils, shower bombs elevate mornings to a whole new level. A collection of these homemade shower bombs would also make a great gift for friend, family member or loved one.

The Nasal Blast Bombs are awesome for the winter season "stuffys" as they are made with menthol, peppermint & eucalyptus and work wonders at clearing out your sinus'.

Each bomb weights between 1oz to 1.4oz and each order totals between 9 to 10 oz for a total of 8 to 10 bombs. Shapes may vary.

You can purchase a glass decanter to store your shower bombs in such as the one pictured or one similar.

If purchasing more than one item in the shop, please contact me for a custom order so that I may provide you with the most inexpensive shipping method.


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