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Corynda Clark-Albano
Rochester, NY
Bubblegum Swirl Soap

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$4.25 for (0) Bubblegum Swirl Soap
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Do you remember Bazooka Bubblegum (or am I giving away my age)? This lovely swirled soap reminds me of that smell when I was a kid. This was not scented to be a strong scent but a nice soft scent. Although you can, I don't advise chewing it.
Size varies between 4+ to 5+ oz due to hand cutting.
This soap produces a nice lather and a moisturizing cleansing experience. Due to the included ingredients, you are able to use this as an all over soap from face to feet. Each is topped with a bit of glitter, most of my soap includes glitter because I'm all about the bling. However, if you are not a lover of glitter, it will rinse off with a minimal amount of friction from your hand before you use.
For any 3 or more bar purchase a soap saver is included at no charge. All bars are labeled, shrink wrapped, boxed or bagged and will ship via padded envelope or box depending on the size of the order.
If purchasing more than one item in the shop, please contact me for a custom order so that I may provide you with the most inexpensive shipping method.
Caring for your soap: handmade soap does not contain the chemical hardeners that store bought soap contains, therefore should be kept as dry as possible and set in a raised/ridged soap dish. Three or more bar purchase at checkout will include a raised soap saver. All of the soaps in my shop are made with all natural ingredients. No chemical hardeners or detergents.


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