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Where Simple Treasures May Be found
Founded in 2018 | 5 Products | Orders Ship in 1 to 5 business days
Bling, Bath, Body & Mind
Corynda Clark-Albano
Rochester, NY
About Us
Started crafting bath and body products over a year ago and enjoy doing it in my free time. I have enjoyed beading and making jewelry items for well over eight years. Thought I would share some of the items I make with individuals who enjoy handmade products. In this shop I try to be as wholesome and green as possible. I recycle boxes so items may be shipped in a new or recycled box. If not green, such as products in glass, the write up will indicate this. I try to use all natural and organic ingredients and if any chemicals that are used that are not made from nature they are clearly labeled on my products. This is a one woman show and I make, cut, craft, package and ship all by hand. For this reason, expect some small variance in weight or size of product, however, I'm generally very generous in portions.

Store Policies
Product Care: During warm weather months it is advisable to chill any balms, creams, lotion bars or any oil/butter base product for about 15 minutes prior to use due to low melting points of some products.
In cold weather months products will be of a harder/firmer texture but will warm in your hand before application.
Information and statements about products in this shop or contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health/skin condition or disease. All products should be tested on a small skin area before full use as everyone has differing skin sensitivities and we will not be held responsible for any reactions to any ingredients that are fully listed

Return Policy
Due to the nature of bath and body products I cannot accept returns as it is not hygienic to resell a product once it has left my store. If there was a problem with your purchased product you may contact me for an alternate resolution. I suggest trying all products on a small area to ensure that there is no reaction of any kind to skin before fully using. This shop is not responsible for any adverse reactions as all skin types are different.

Shipping Information
I will ship via USPS or UPS. I will always try to find the most inexpensive shipping method. If a refund is provided for any reason for a product from my shop, I do not provide a refund on the shipping cost, only the item purchased as it is not required to be returned. If a product is damaged during shipping, please take a photo of the damage and the package so that I may contact the shipping entity for a resolution for both parties.

Custom Order Policy
Special and custom orders are always accepted, if you see something you like but not the color or scent that you want, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to accommodate if I can.

Wholesale Information
I am happy to accommodate large orders, gift baskets and custom orders. Depending on the item needed, extra time may be required for supplies and process/curing time.

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