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Christina Wright
Wellington, KY
Mucho Mango Luxury Lip Scrubbie

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$2.95 for (1) .15 oz tube
Qty Available: 10
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I am pleased to offer my very own recipe that creates an EXPLOSION of flavor as you gently polish off your lips.

Crafted with all natural ingredients & flavor oils!

Yes, a lip scrub is just as the name implies and for optimal results, follow up with a lip balm.

With my lip scrubs you will moisturize, hydrate, and nourish your lips in one easy-peasy step to keep them looking and feeling healthy.

Use year round to provide an added layer of protection against the sun or to combat the drying effects from the wind and cold winter months.

My lip scrubs are packaged in a convenient, easy to use tube, are packed with YUMMY flavors and topped off with a delicious sweetened sugared candy flavor.

All lip scrubs are made fresh to order.

To use, gently rub across lips and simply lick off. YUM! Or, if you prefer, rinse with warm water.

Your lips will LOVE you!


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