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Bath & Body ~ Tarts ~ Tea Lights ~ Laundry Soap & More
Founded in 2009 | 2 Products | Orders Ship in 3-5 business days
Jana V
Apache Junction, AZ
About Us
My name is Jana. My small business is located in sunny Arizona. I started my home based business after losing my job to the so very fragile economy. I had been with my company for almost 10 years when our lives were turned upside down.

We have taken the time to pick up the pieces and move on in the hopes of a bright future for our children. This is how Candle Lynn Candle Company was born!

We strive to give the very best to each and every buyer. We work with you to get what you most desire in every candle, bath, body and home product we have available.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer any of them.

Candle Lynn Candle Company

Store Policies
We accept payments through PayPal but you don't have to have an account to use you debit or credit card.

Return Policy
We will work with you 100% to solve any issues that may arise and to make sure you are happy!

Please buy/request a special sampler package if there are scents you are not sure about before ordering larger amounts.

Due to the nature of our products, we can not accept returns.

Shipping Information
Most items are shipped first class or priority mail unless otherwise noted. Most items are shipped within 2-5 days of your order, some orders may require up to 10 days depending on amount or holidays. Please ask if you need an item in a certain amount of time.

If we find the shipping amount is less than quoted, we'll gladly refund the difference if more than $1.00. If purchasing multiple items, sometimes the shipping will be less than price given if I am able to ship flat-rate, etc. In this case, I will also refund the difference if it is over $1.00.

If you live in AZ and some surrounding areas, shipping is sometimes cheaper, contact me with your zip for more prices .

On occasion, we do reuse shipping boxes along with peanuts so we are recycling in an effort to eliminate additional waste.

Custom Order Policy

Aloha: A tropical delight that combines sweet coconut and juicy island fruits with exotic, and delightfully fragrant native flora of tiare and plumeria flowers.

Amber Romance: A rich combination of amber, African vanilla, and musk with a faint undertone of black cherry.

Apple Jack's Peel : Wonderful fresh apple aroma with spicy notes of cinnamon and clove.

Baby Powder: Blooming lilac, sweet jasmine, wild rose, and fresh lily balance with hints of spice for the fragrance signature. Fresh green accents boost the floralcy while a background of soft sandalwood adds a luxurious touch. Powdery sweet base notes carry the bouquet to a soft finish.

Banana Cream Pie : The aroma of freshly made banana cream pie. Notes of ripe banana, vanilla extract, pie crust and butter rum.

Banana Nut Bread: This banana nut bread is less nutty, with more creamy banana.

Bear Claws: The scent of fresh baked Bear claws made with a sweet yeast dough filled with a blend of creme brulee, almond and maple.

Better Than Sex Cake: German chocolate cake that is blended with semi-sweet chocolate chips and laced with crunchy toffee bits to create this decadent treat. Vanilla creme and butterscotch syrup create a luscious undertone, while hints of almond and coconut complete the yummy blend.

Black Forest Truffle : This treat consists of rich dark chocolate wrapped around a moist chocolate cake center, layered with dark sweet cherries soaked in cherry liquor.

Black Raspberry Vanilla : An enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, with middle notes of white floral greenery, and bottom notes of musk and vanilla.

Blueberry Muffins : This one is to die for! A very tart, buttery blueberry, you'd swear came straight from the oven!

Brown Sugar & Fig: Composed of top notes of fresh figs, peaches, and passion fruit; followed by middle notes of coconut milk, vanilla orchid, jasmine, muguet, and freesia; well-balanced with base notes of vanilla beans, c

Wholesale Information
Bubble Gum : Smells just like Bazooka!

Butt Naked: The tantalizing medley of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, strawberries and pears, with hints of spice.

Buttered Popcorn : Movie time! Fresh, crunchy, buttery popcorn!

Buttermilk Pancakes : You will swear someone got up to make you breakfast when you release this aroma.

Butterscotch: Melt-in-your-mouth, smooth & sweet... a childhood taste turned aroma!

Candy Cane: A wonderful combination of fresh peppermint leaves and sweet ripened strawberries, on a dry down of vanilla.

Candy Corn: A warm vanilla candy with top notes of butter with a slight down of almond.

Caramel : Buttery, rich, creamy caramel! You can actually smell how thick and gooey this is! Also great for mixing!

Carnation: A crisp, clean aroma of freshly picked carnation flowers with bottom notes of fresh greenery.

Carrot Cake : A buttery spice blend with hints of peach, coconut, carrots, cinnamon and warm vanilla.

Chai Tea: Our chai tea fragrance begins with top notes of spicy cinnamon bark and nutmeg; followed with a body of fresh green tea; finished off with the aroma of creamy soy milk.

Cherry Almond Coconut : This one is a must-smell! It's a rich, cherry almond coconutty scent!

Chocolate Cappuccino : A rich Chocolate smell with a hint of coffee, sure to get the house up for a unknown treat.

Chocolate Covered Berries: Rich, dark chocolate smothering juicy red berries!

Christmas Cabin: A wonderful blend of bayberries and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zests.

Christmas Tree: This fragrance begins with top notes of pine and fresh lime; with middle notes of cardamom and pepper; with a base note of Scotch pine.

Cinnamon Bun : A fresh, warm cinnamon sticky bun drizzled with sweet white frosting!

Cinnamon Raisin Bread: The aroma of fresh baked cinnamon raisin bread fills the air with notes of sweet creamy butter, fruity raisins and pastry vanilla.

Fundraising Opportunities
Clean Cotton : This scent will put you in mind of fresh laundry hanging out to dry in a light summer breeze. Just like the Yankee type.

Coconut Cream Pie: A rich, creamy vanilla base with notes of coconut, butter, with a hint of fresh baked.

Coconut Vanilla: Our coconut vanilla fragrance begins with top notes of coconut, cream and sugar; followed by middle notes of rose and lily of the valley; with base notes of cedarwood and vanilla.

Cotton Candy Twist : Light and sweet, like the carnival treat... this one will melt in your mouth! Blend of vanilla, sugar & strawberries.

Country Bumpkin: A wonderful complex blend of apples, candied yams, marshmallows, sweet cream butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, crushed cinnamon bark and fresh cloves.

Country Cornbread: It is a warm, buttery, buttermilk cornbread aroma.

Cranberry : This is cranberry with an exclamation point! Very strong and crisp, with just the right touch of tart!

Cranberry Orange: This delightful fragrance oil is a blend of citrus notes of orange, satsuma, yuzu, and tangerine; followed by notes of cranberry, peach, and hints of spice.

Creme Brulee : The delightful aroma of creamy vanilla custard pudding drenched with creamy buttery caramel sauce!

Dragons Blood: Deep, intense scent of Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood and Myrrh. Dragon's blood truly has a smell all its own.

Drakkar Type: Is classified as a sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood.

Dreama: Top notes of oakmoss and lilies; middle notes of ylang ylang and jasmine; bottom notes of amber, musk, and sandalwood.

Elf Sweat: A bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup, with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles to provide a unique, magical top note.

Fireplace: All snuggled up by a crackling fire! A warm, woodsy fragrance with hints of pine.

Frankincense & Myrrh: A rich combination of olibanum, myrrh, patchoul


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