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Founded in 2014 | 5 Products | Orders Ship in 1-2 Business Days
Paul Carrero
Antioch, CA
About Us
Everything I sell that has designer in it I'm not selling the name brand just using it as a type Carrero fragrances have no affiliation with the name brand products and if it says Blended or mixed that means I made it and I have the right to sell it.

Store Policies
If you're not completely satisfied with my products give me a call take a picture of the product send me a detailed message about the product and why you don't like it and we will go from there I don't like any Returns on fragrances after used of product I prefer you just throw it away and I'll give you your money back that's it and that goes with lotion shea butter any kind of usable product just for sanitary purposes.

Return Policy
100% guaranteed you pay for your return shipping that's all I require

Shipping Information
Anything over $100 there will be free shipping automatically

Custom Order Policy
If you want to special order you want a special sent that's not listed give me some ingredient type that you would like and I will make it and then we'll put it in whatever you want a oil or fragrance or put it with shea butter or put it with lotion.

Wholesale Information
Everything is sold as wholesale prices

Fundraising Opportunities
If you want to do a fundraiser for your church for your school or for whatever you would like to fundraise for send me an e-mail at Carrero fragrances at and we will make with labels of the product only and we'll talk price 925-470-8988 Talk to Paul.

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