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Julie Broussard
Vacaville, CA
Wake Up! Shower Steamers

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$10.95 for (1) 1 set/4 tablets
Qty Available: 15
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Start your morning right with an uplifting burst of aromatherapy during your shower. These colorful little tablets are great at bringing a little fragrance, aromatherapy and a little boost to your morning routine. The shower steamers are made using essential oils. Such oils are said to have aromatherapy benefits. Each tablet is a different scent.

Green: Peppermint; Blue: Eucalyptus; Orange: Orange; yellow: Lemon

Directions: Place your steamer on the shower floor opposite the shower head (or where ever you choose) this will allow the steam and the shower mist to gently splash it. As it dissolves it will release the scent of the essential oil in your shower. It is said that the Eucalyptus and the Peppermint tablets may help to open your sinuses and relieve your stuffy nose.

Warning: Because these tablets are made to be used ONLY in the shower, do NOT use them as Bath Bombs because the level of essential oils are higher in the steamers because they are not meant to be used for soaking. If used as a bath bomb, and you soak with the steamers, they can very well cause irritation to your skin.


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