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A soothing skin protectant developed by a yoga instructor.
Founded in 1997 | 1 Products | Orders Ship in 3-5 Business Days
A little of this salve goes a long way!
Susan Kain
Woodbine, MD

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$8.00 for (1) 2 ounces
$16.00 for (1) 4 ounces
Qty Available: 50
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Atha Salve is a specially formulated, hand-made, natural soothing protectant for all skin types. As a yoga instructor, I started offering a dollop for participants to rub on their feet prior to the relaxation segment at the end of each class. They so enjoyed the salve that I began offering it for sale in several sizes.  You'll find a very small amount goes a long way!

This salve is useful for any area of dry skin such as the hands, elbows and heels. Health care professionals and others who employ frequent handwashing have loved the salve's soothing properties.

The salve ingredients include: Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Calendula Infused Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Carnauba Wax (vegan friendly), Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils

*The salve can also be prepared without essential oils on request.

A little background on the name of the salve:

The word Atha translates to 'now' and comes from the Sanskrit language. It is the very first word found within the Yoga Sutra,  a collection of aphorisms on yoga written by the sage, Patanjali, around 400 C.E.

I thought we all could use a reminder about being present - to live in the moment - to live in the NOW!


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