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Owner Help Center
Below are some common questions & answers customers have come across when setting up a store.
If you have a question not answered below please email your question to us and we will be happy to personally help you - Click Here

What products can be sold at Handmade Stores? View Answer
I have not made 100% of my product. I purchased charms and applied them to a bracelet that I assembled.
Can I sell the bracelet at Handmade Stores? View Answer
I am an international artisan, can I offer my products at Handmade Stores? View Answer
I authored a book but had it printed by a commercial printer. Can I list the book for sale? View Answer
I am a graphic designer. Can I advertise my services at Handmade Stores? View Answer
I am a supplier to the Handmade Industry. Can I sell my supplies here? View Answer
How do I open a store at Handmade Stores? View Answer
I created a store. Now where do I begin? View Answer
I am a customer at a sister site. Can I use the same username and password? View Answer
I have a coupon from a sister site. How do I use it? View Answer
What is the tax rate I should enter into my store settings? View Answer
My store is stuck “Under Construction” and I am not sure how to set it to public. View Answer
Can I have a web store with my own domain? View Answer
How product ratings work? View Answer
My store is not visible to the public – Help! What am I doing wrong?  View Answer

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