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Corynda Clark-Albano
Rochester, NY
It's A Dog's Day - Dirty Dog Soap

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$4.95 for (1) Tropical Spice
Qty Available: 300
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Why not treat the one person who loves you unconditionally to a day at the spa?

This full size bar soap has Vitamin E and Colloidal Oatmeal to keep your pampered pet's skin from drying and fragranced to keep them smelling fresh. Bars weight between 4 to 4.5 oz and last for many uses.

I use this on all of my pets as it's so much easier to use than the liquid soaps. Just wet your pooch or puss and rub the bar all over their body. Rub them into a nice lather and then rinse clean. This will not leave too much soap in one area like the liquid soap does and rinses cleanly and quickly.

Once the bar has dried, wrap in plastic wrap or store in a ziplock bag until next use.


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